mandag 21. mai 2018


Welcome welcome! 
Are you ready for a new challenge from the Aurora team? 

The theme this time is "Joyous Occations"
A friend of mine just got her thesis approved, so this card is for her - I used "Cultured", just perfect for a micro-biologist!

 She's coloured with copics, including: 
BG10 - 15, BV11-17, E000/00/21/15 and 04, E23-29

Now, to hope she likes it! 
Come play along now, we love to see your take on our challenge! 

mandag 16. april 2018

Petals in the Wind

Welcome to the April challenge at Aurora Wings! 
This time we'd like to see your Black and White creations, with the option of a splash of colour :)

I made a page for my album, with Petals in the Wind

 I am afraid I've misplaced my list of colours used, but I think I used most of my greys, E70-79, E0000/000/00/21 and 15, as well as V11/15/17

So, I hope you feel inspired and come to join us! :D

søndag 15. april 2018

Marisol the Mermaid

Hello all!
I am late to the party -- I know, I am so so sorry! Work had me swamped -__-
But, I am here now, and my new image from Aurora Wings is ready to be show off!
I give you Marisol the Mermaid :D

Ofcourse, I had to gore her up a wee bit :D 
She's coloured with Copics: C0-10, 110, G20-28, R29/59/89, V91-99 and E70-74.

I hope you like my flirty siren, and I hope to see you play along in our coming challenge

mandag 19. mars 2018

Aurora Wings - Sprite Delight V

You read it correctly! Our "annual" Sprite Delight challenge is upon us - 
and we all love MItzi's sprites! 

 I love tis image, but I hardy ever make food-related cards.. I don't know why - maybe my friends are just not foodies?? Well, in any case, I just had to colour it up now! 
 Sadly, my list of colours used has been misplaced, and I do not remember them all by heart... I know I've used the E's in 21-29, as well as 40-43 and 44-49. My vanilla ice is Y11, and E's 50-53. Strawberry and cherry are R27, 29, 59, RV99. And skin is, as always, E000, 00, 01, 21 and 15.
I rummaged through my stash to find fitting decorations, and I had some mini cakes in a small box - perfect! And then I remembered my stash of fimo sticks, and started slicing up some from the strawberry-stick :)

torsdag 15. mars 2018

Showcase time!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new Aurora Wings showcase!
This time we have 3 lovely sprites to show you, and as this will be a long post for me, I won't list my colours used (please, ask if you need to know! I am happy to tell you :) )

We got Easter Bunny Sprite, Anemone Sprite, and my favourite: Unicorn Sprite.
You can find them all in the STORE

First out is a cutesy card with nthe Easter Bunny sprite - isn't he just adorable??! 
Lightly decorated with feathers and flowers, and some beads that looked like easter eggs ^_^

And then we have the Anemone Sprite. I know these are brightly coloured flowers, so I went for a B/W approach, with hints of burgundy and blue to match the Anemony in her hands. Diescuts, flowers and geniestones alongside some lace for embellishment. 

And lastly, my unicorn twins! 
You all know me, I love unicorns, and I love gore. What could be better then goring up this cutesy image?? 
So, one is a Unicorn Sprite, and the other is a Sprite wearing a unicorn... moahahaha *evil laugh* 

 To stay with the cute vibe here, she has some cute diecuts and flowers for decorations.
 And to gore this one further, I added spiders, skulls and some eyes, letting the halloween papers work their magic. I used a Holtz embossingfolder to make a gorey vibe over the image - can you see the drops pouring down? *evil grin* 

Thank you all for coming to see my makes; I hope you feel inspired by the DT's work!

mandag 19. februar 2018

Aurora Wings - Bingo

Welcome back! 
Did you all see the midway reminder from the Stella Team? :D Amazing, am I right!?

Well, Team Aurora is back with a new shiny challenge for you all, and this month we are running a bingo-board! You can go for elements, or colours, or both (like I did) :)

I've used the Whimsical Bat Flower Sprite, mostly because I love Tacca's! It's an amazing flower :)
And also, because this guy just looks so badass! 

 My selected bingo rows are: Diecuts, glitter and layers & Purple, green and black :)
 My lil' fella is coloured with BV 21, 23, 25 and 29, as well as FB2, B69 and B37. 
Skintones are E00, 01, 21 and 15. Hair is E21, 23 and 25.
I've added flowers and leaves to make a foliage vibe, and I added some metal flowers to put emphasis on his badassittude :P

torsdag 1. februar 2018

Aurora Wings releases!!

Hello everyone!
I hope you are ready, we have all of three shiny new images from Mitzy that we want to show you! 

Due to life, I only got to prepare two of them - but they are all shiny, and you can see them all on the showcase blog! 

We have the Happy Pierrot Sprite, Snowdrop Sprite and the Bachelors Button Sprite - all available in the store. I've had a play with the first two
(To not make the post too long, I have not listed my copics used - please ask if you need it, and I will happily post it)

 I needed a card for a boy that turns 6, so I decided to use this cutie for that  - adding some fun papers and alot of colours!



 And for this lovely lady I pondered about doing alternative colours - but I love Snowdrops too much and had to go traditional! Never fear, I printed several, and will be making more cards with this! 

Thank you for coming to have a look at my humble abode - I hope I get to see you play along with these amazing new images!