fredag 15. november 2013

Colouring Skills to the test

MIC has another easy/hard challenge going:
EASY: Use different skintones than you normally do
HARD: Colour with muscle/ bone-definition

I kinda did both, but were aiming for the hard part :)As i started colouring, i had to add in new colours that i dont use normally, to get the definitions as i wanted them. I hope you like it.
this will be added to a card, just dont have the design yet :) 

 Done with Prismas. First one with just the skin coloured in, as you see the muscles became a bit hard.. I added some white to tone them down, and highlight other parts, as i went over with more colours

And for this gorgeous and demanding cutie (cute hard putting in definitional lines on such an undefined character.....*cough* the feet *cough*) i went with some fresh pink, purple and green tones. In addition, i simply HAD to make her hair blue ^_^

Thanks for looking!

3 kommentarer:

...just Barbara sa...

Excellent job and the muscles are very well defined! I especially loe the ankles and feet. :D Thanks for playing along in the November Make it Colourful challenge!

Jennifer Dove sa...

Wow, you did a fab job coloring her. I love how you did her shoulder. Your color choices are beautiful! Wow! Thanks for playing in the November Challenge, i look forward to seeing more of your work!!

Janine Vegter sa...