torsdag 13. februar 2014


I just got my first Aurora-digis, and i LOVE them! this is the first one i coloured up, in 13x17cm size, to practice my copics-skills :) Thank you for asking for this post! :D

 Here it is, all lines :) 

 These images simply show the basic colouring of the flowers, and as i did not think anyone would want a process-post, i did not take to many more images with my camera :)  i will feature one by my phone however :)

I start with the lightest colour, fading to white where needed, and the add on and blend till the darkest colour of the flower itself (not minding to much sheades yet)

This is the one last posted on the MIC facebook-page

Here i only added shades in darker shades of the colours itself, like dark olive and barch

 And here is my finished image :)
All my shades are done in warm greys, ranking from w1 to w7 :) added in the same way as the colours, and then smoothed out with a gentle touch of blender. 
I do not have a complete list of the colours used, as i did not write them down, and they are too many to remember ;) 

Hope this si satisfactory, the last image is huge, so just blow it up and look ;)

4 kommentarer:

Sandra van Blaricum sa...

This is so stunning!!! Beautiful!!!
And for your and MiC's protection, add a watermark to the photo's!

Travelling Colours sa...

I agree with Sandra - it is stunning - your colouring is sensational!!! and yes!!! Get it watermarked before someone snaffles it! xxxx

Andrea Tully sa...

Amazingly Outstanding!!!

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff sa...

As the two ladies have already mentioned, I would highly recommend that you watermark your photos as your work is beautiful. I'm also concerned, as the owner of AuroraWings and a copyright owner of this image, about the first pic with no colors... because there are people who steal images and never pay. ^^; Thanks!! Hugs, Mitzi xx