tirsdag 15. april 2014

Liebster's Award!

The awesome Vanessa of saffires stamping (fellow Fussy-girl), nominated me for the Liebster blog Award - THANKS! :D

The Liebster Award is a "chain mail " like format created to bring awareness to blogs that have less than 300 followers. I don't usually do chain letters (do you remember getting those as children when the chain mail would threaten to leave lots of dog poop in your front garden if you didn't pass them on?! I certainly do and hated the idea of having that so would send them on just in case! It never did happen though hehe!). Anyway, there are just so many talented crafters out there in blogland that I have discovered since joining this world and am truly grateful for all the inspiration I have found, so have decided, this time, to pass it on!

Vanessa makes amazing things, and you should all run over to look at her blog! Inspiration all the way :) 

The questions are: 
1. What is your favourite type of card to make?
I love to make easel-cards!  there are so many plaques to fill, and so many details to add. To boot, they look so elegant :)

2. Have you ever done or do you do any other types of crafting?
I do some multimedia cottonscreens, and cross-stitching at times

3. What is your to-go-to colour combo? (A very popular question I know but I love seeing what other people like to use!) 
Teal and Purple, or Green and Purple :D

4. What do you do when/if you lose your mojo for crafting to get it back?
Get a god cup of tea and put on my fav music, or look at an inspirational movie. In summer gardenwork also works :)

5. If you could design a stamp for any company, which company would it be and what your stamp be like?
Simply Betty Stamps, and something goth/steampunk with a dark edge to it. Probably a masculine image, as there are too few of those!

6. What crafting supplies (not including tools like glue, Big Shot etc) can you not live without?
DCWV glitter cardstock, stickles, and charms

7. Do you have your own craft room?
Sadly no, but i have been granted one side of a room for my hobby :) 

8. What do you do whilst crafting? (e.g listen to music, watch tv etc?)
Mostly i listen to music, as that is easier while at the table here ;) 

9. What has been your biggest crafting achievement so far? What would you like to achieve in the future? 
I've gotten an order on a make from a fellow scrapper!  That was big for me :) 
I dont know what i hope to achieve, as i mainly do this for my own enjoyment :)

10. What do you enjoy doing when you are not crafting?
Gardenwork in summer ;) I also enjoy movies at home and cinema, and some chilling evenings with friends, Besides that, i have a cat to pamper ;)

11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I am quite happy where i am, but to get a year or so in peru/ argentine/ chile would be a dream :)

I nominate: 
Sheena (PuG dt with me)
Kay  (Simply Steampunk dt - amazing!)
Jacki (Fellow dt at multiple blogs)
Penny Rae (awesome crafter) 
Rocio (super crafter)

My questions are: 
1) When did you fall in love with crafts?
2) what is your favourite style?
3) What do you drink/ snack while crafting?
4)What brings back your mojo if it's gone? 
5) What is your biggest sin? (in a crafting-store, what can you not pass, ever? :P)
6) what is your fav crafting supplies, or brand? 
7) what is your go-to store? 
8) do you have any inspirational place in the world? that you visited, or if you live there ;)
9) what music or movies do you like to craft to? 
10) your colours of choice? (over used, but ohh so fun to ask!)
11) all time favourite designpaper/ pad? 

That's me all done :) Thank you for the nomination!  

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Sheena Fitzpatrick sa...

That's lovely Laila and thank you for the nomination!