tirsdag 15. mars 2016

Mayhem and Mischief

Sorry for the delay - we had an appointment at the vet, and after that some work to do!

So! It is time i present my new familymember to you all; Mayhem and Mischief :)
They are two lovely Maine Coon sisters, 5,5 months old now :)
Here we have May (Mayhem).
She's the energetic, and the lazy, at the same time. She will run around making hell for ages, if we're busy with things on our own.. but if we sit down to enjoy a movie, she's the first one there!

And this here is Miss (Mischief) :)
She's the brain, the instigator.. and when her sister gets going, this one comes to snuggle :P
She follows me everywhere I go, and meows when she cant see me - she's the one stopping my colouring!

the 4th of march they got castrated - and for some reason they both got the starts of infections the wednesday after... they both got drains and antibiotics - and they have to wear these bodies! They hate them so bad.... they get a hold of the velcro, and they pull and pull... It's a miracle they havent gotten them all the way off yet.
In any case, checkup on tuesday said no more infection, and the drains were taken out. Now they only have till friday, and then the stitches and bodies get off too :)

So, my girls :) 

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Creepy Glowbugg sa...

Your girls are gorgeous! And perfectly named, I'm sure.