lørdag 23. juli 2016

Snow Queen - Blooms of Ice

Welcome welcome welcome! 
This is the 100th Showcase-post - and do we have a treat for you! :D
This nice little lady is the Ice Queen - Blooms of Ice
and I were requested to make it a bit on the darker side - and man am I happy to oblige!!!! 

 So, here it is! :D
Skin: B91, 93, 95, 97, 99. 
Nails: N3, 5, 8. R29.
 Eyes, Flowers and Blood: R000, 17, 14, 24, 29. V99.
 Leaves: BG90, 93, 96, 99.
Tigrida: BV20, 23, 25. YG0000, 01.
Lips: BV31, 34. V13, 17.

4 kommentarer:

DonnaMundinger sa...

WooHoo! that a girl! I'm always in AWE of your dark transformation of Mitzi's gorgeous images. I think this one might actually be my all time FAVE! Absolutely FABULOUS! Love, love, LOVE! xxD

Robin sa...

WOW! Your coloring is amazing!! What a beautiful piece of art! Hugs, Robin

Creepy Glowbugg sa...

Laila, Laila, Laila... I just adore the way your twisted mind works. And your ability to make even the most beautiful image dark and menacing. Love it!!

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff sa...

What a powerful vision you've achieved, Laila!! We LOVE your darker work whenever you decide to go there. Hehe. I really love how you made the icicles look more like bone splinters!! Truly otherworldly and formidable. All hail the Queen of the Underworld~!! Thank you so much for bringing your unique vision and creativity to the AW Showcase!! Mitzi xxx