torsdag 15. mars 2018

Showcase time!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new Aurora Wings showcase!
This time we have 3 lovely sprites to show you, and as this will be a long post for me, I won't list my colours used (please, ask if you need to know! I am happy to tell you :) )

We got Easter Bunny Sprite, Anemone Sprite, and my favourite: Unicorn Sprite.
You can find them all in the STORE

First out is a cutesy card with nthe Easter Bunny sprite - isn't he just adorable??! 
Lightly decorated with feathers and flowers, and some beads that looked like easter eggs ^_^

And then we have the Anemone Sprite. I know these are brightly coloured flowers, so I went for a B/W approach, with hints of burgundy and blue to match the Anemony in her hands. Diescuts, flowers and geniestones alongside some lace for embellishment. 

And lastly, my unicorn twins! 
You all know me, I love unicorns, and I love gore. What could be better then goring up this cutesy image?? 
So, one is a Unicorn Sprite, and the other is a Sprite wearing a unicorn... moahahaha *evil laugh* 

 To stay with the cute vibe here, she has some cute diecuts and flowers for decorations.
 And to gore this one further, I added spiders, skulls and some eyes, letting the halloween papers work their magic. I used a Holtz embossingfolder to make a gorey vibe over the image - can you see the drops pouring down? *evil grin* 

Thank you all for coming to see my makes; I hope you feel inspired by the DT's work!

2 kommentarer:

DonnaMundinger sa...

That a girl! You never disappoint! Love how you move from sweet and light to subtly dark and then the whammy! Gorgeous coloring on all, but you know I love me some darkness and your explanation of the two Unicorn Sprite cards made me laugh out loud. Fabulous work! xxD

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff sa...

This was such a fun post to go through, Laila! Started out all innocent with the wonderful Easter Bunny Sprite in pastel tones and soft feather. Then came the Anemone Sprite looking stunning in greyscale with splash of burgundy, but then I spotted the skull and cross bones tucked away with the flowers. Then the magical unicorn with her evil twin. It's always so fun to see the same image colored so utterly differently side by side! Your creative imagination and the coloring skills to bring it to life is amazing. Thank you so much for these gorgeous samples for today's new release showcase at Aurora Wings. Mitzi xxx